Technical Specification

Basic Camp Kitchen

Product Description: Our basic camp kitchen makes up the entry level modular component of the camper unit. Beyond this, the user is able to add future modules to build on top of the basic kitchen. It comes with a slide out kitchen platform that features a stainless steel wash basin and single stove. The slide out function is facilitated by a pair of good quality drawer slides with finger locking mechanism. Incorporated into the kitchen platform is also another smaller flip board platform that allows the user to place another single stove on it, if desired. There are 2 similar sized storage sections. One section is to place miscellaneous kitchen items e.g. cooking utensils, cutlery, etc. The other section houses a manual pump action sink faucet, as well as a 12V motorized water pump and shower head. Both the manual and motorized pump work with external water tanks. The wash basin outlet has a pipe connector to dispose grey water into an extra grey water tank.

There are 3 types of basic kitchen configurations:

1) Type A - above mentioned
2) Type B - above mentioned + rotating fridge/cooler stand*
3) Type C - above mentioned + storage drawer

*Tilting capability of fridge/cooler to allow the user a better view and easier reach of inside contents.

In addition, the basic camp kitchen unit also comes with a standard flip top storage compartment, separately located in the chamber of the detachable roll out platform. There are 4 flip top sub-compartments to help categorize types of kitchen equipment storage. Our flip top storage compartment is designed in such a way that surface water will never be able to seep into the 4 sub-compartments, but instead run off groove channels built within the top surface of the storage unit. This ensures kitchen apparatus of food stuff remains dry within the compartment interior.

Materials Used: n/a

Technical Specifications: n/a

Technical Specification