Technical Specification

Flat Type Water Tank

Product Description: Our camper units are optimally built for the use with horizontal or flat type water tanks. The problem of using horizontal water tanks is that usable water gets trapped into a corner and difficult to retrieve when the water tank is tilting a certain degree due to uneven road surfaces. Our flat type water tank gets around that problem by placing suction points at each of the 4 bottom corners of the water tank. And on the top 4 corners, there are air flow inlets to prevent the occurrence of a vacuum inside the tank. It operates via electric or manual pump action through the series of 4 water outlet valves and 4 air inlet valves. By determining which corner of the tank to activate the pump action, all the other corresponding valves can be switched on or off to control the direction of water and air flow. A torpedo level indicator is incorporated into the tank design to allow the user to determine which direction the tank is tilting. The instruction panel also indicates which of the correct valves to activate accordingly.

The tank comes with 2 inverted handle grooves to lift or lower the water tank into the camper. It also comes with a removable top panel to allow cleaning the inside of the water tank. For filling water, there is a main inlet valve as well as a quick release water dump valve. Water can be pumped into the tank from conventional water or garden hose. Clean river water can be pumped in using funnel hose connectors. Our water tank works well with either the camp kitchen manual pump faucet or the 12V motorized water pump with shower head.

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Technical Specification